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Legal Info

Hawks Quindel attorneys represent SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin and provide the information below to help you identify, learn more about and resolve workplace legal issues and improper employment practices.

Speak to Your Union Representative About All Workplace Issues

If something about your job or workplace seems unfair or unjust, you owe it to yourself and your co-workers to investigate. If you think your labor contract is being violated or certain practices in your workplace are unfair, speak to your union representative to get assistance.

Common Healthcare Industry Workplace Problems

Each industry has common problems that arise due to the nature of the work. In health care, for example, the need for long shifts and constant attention to patients often leads to unpaid meal breaks and overtime violations. Even though employers may not know they are breaking labor laws, they can be held legally responsible for their violations. If you are experiencing a workplace problem in any of the following areas, click on the link below to learn more.

If your research uncovers workplace legal problems, speak to your union representative.

Hawks Quindel Provides Workers Compensation Representation

Workers Compensation law involves issues related to employers providing wages and health care after workplace injury. If you are hurt at work in a sudden accident or over a long period, your employer must have insurance in place to support you financially while you recover. You can contact Hawks Quindel for a free phone or office consultation regarding a workplace injury.

Hawks Quindel offers discounted rates to SEIU members and their families in the following areas:

Family Law involves all familial disputes, including divorce, separation, adoption, child support, child placement, paternity cases, domestic violence, and pre-nuptial and domestic partner agreements. Family lawyers often practice collaborative divorce and/or mediation as a less expensive and less confrontational approach to dispute resolution.

Social Security Disability law involves claims for Social Security Disability by injured and disabled workers.

Short Term and Long Term Disability law involves claims by employees for income to support medical recovery from injury or illness.

Employment Law involves protections employees have in disputes with their employers. Common areas of employment law include employment discriminationsexual harassmentnon-compete disputesseverance agreements, and wrongful discharge.

Wage & Hour Law involves issues specifically dealing with wages and how they are paid. Common problems involve overtime payminimum wage violations, and unpaid work time.