More Masks Now

Tell President Trump:
More Masks Now!

President Trump has the power to direct companies to re-purpose to produce masks and other PPE. Post a video of yourself on social media telling the President to act NOW! Health Care workers should tell their brief story. Tell a story of your friend that is a health care worker. Tell your story of your friend who a patient. Use these hash tags for posting on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Tell the President to act NOW!

Here is an Example. Below are tips (You Can Do This Too!)

#moremasksnow #protectallworkers

#MoreMasksNow #ProtectAllWorkers #SEIUHCWI

Video Campaign. Film in a well-lit, quiet space (in scrubs if possible). Videos should be under a minute and from the heart

IMPORTANT: When posting, do 3 things:

  1. Tag President Trump @realDonaldTrump, @POTUS;
  2. Use the hashtags #MoreMasksNow #ProtectAllWorkers #SEIUHCWI;
  3. Nominate five other healthcare workers to post their own video.
  4.  Remember to set your privacy setting to “public” so all can see.


  1. “I’m (first name) and I’m a (job title) from (hometown or state).
  2. Speak from the heart about whatever you are feeling about the lack of PPE and the potential effect on you, your family and your patients.
  3. End with this question: President Trump, Where are our masks?

Selfie or Photo with #MoreMasksNow #ProtectAllWorkers

For selfie photo, write out a sign in large clear handwriting that says: “I’m (first name), a (job title) in (hometown, state). President Trump, where’s my mask? #MoreMasksNow #ProtectAllWorkers #SEIUHCWI”

20200321 Protect All Workers

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