Grievance Procedure

A fair process for settling disputes.

When you have a union, your contract sets out a fair procedure for resolving disputes you may have with your employer called a grievance.

You can use the grievance procedure to:

  • enforce your union contract with your employer.
  • enforce federal, state and municipal laws your employer may be violating.
  • enforce management’s own policies when they violate them.
  • enforce well-established past practices your employer violates or tries to change.

Every grievance procedure is different.
Your contract will spell out the terms of the grievance procedure your union has negotiated.¬†Grievance procedures escalate in “steps” (from early discussions with low-level supervisors all the way up to full-fledged arbitrations), with specific time limits assigned to each step. You must try to meet the requirements of each step within the specified time limits. If you fail to do so, without proper cause, you could lose the grievance on a technicality.Your employer is no longer the prosecutor, judge and jury. You get a fair trial.

For questions regarding or to file a grievance at your worksite, contact your union steward or the union office.

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