Thankful For You

Our union gives us a voice on the job and the power to bargain collectively over wages, benefits, & working conditions; the opportunity to move up before outsiders move in; protection & representation when it matters most; and a lot more.

At Gundersen members are working hard to win a good contract that puts workers and patients first. This year, we want 1) Respect for Our Union. 2) An End to Subcontracting Out Our Jobs. 3) Raises For Everybody. 4) Safe Staffing Levels. Last week, we had discussions with management on scheduling, subcontracting, and disciplinary practices, but they will still not move off of their positions on the big ticket items, like trying to take away union security.

This year, we’ve already won extended bereavement leave, prior notice and purpose of meetings, a non-discrimination policy & restrictions on the improper management surveillance of employees.
2014 11 Gundersen-SEIUhcWI Bargaining Team

In the past, we’ve won weekend differential pay, better scheduling practices, generous PTO benefits, pay raises, dozens of grievance & arbitration cases, kept our pensions & a lot more. Let’s go for the gold. Stand up, speak out & we will win. Strength lies in unity. Hope lies in action.

We Are Thankful For Our Union and For All Our Members Who Make Us Strong

Your SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin bargaining team with Gundersen Health System,

Jill King, Environmental Services Assistant
Jim Wemette, Environmental Services Specialist
Sandy Summers, Food and Nutrition
Mike Norquist, Facility Ops
Joe Pitsch, Logistics
Danita Miller, CNA Float Pool
Kateeri O’Brien, CNA Behavioral Health
Jesi Denson, CNA Neuro
Veronica Craig, Environmental Services
Tim Hoeth, Facility Ops
Jonna Peterson, CNA Short

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Causing Better Jobs at Gundersen Health

“Our union was built by those who fought and struggled before us.  Giving their time and energy to build the rights and benefits we all enjoy today.  UNION starts with us!  Please support your union brothers and sisters for we are trying to make this a better environment for all of us, and for all of those who come after us.  It is our responsibility to help build a united front, to stand with our fellow workers.  To take the time needed to make a difference. We have to stand as ONE. It is up to all of us to help better the lives of our co-workers, our patients, and the ones who will come after us!  If we do that and encourage our fellow workers to do the same, then we can be PROUD of ourselves, knowing that we fought the fight for EVERYONE and not just for ourselves.  Let’s join together and make a different in OUR world!  Do ourselves and our families PROUD in this hour of need.”

– Environmental Assistant Kerry Creger

2014 Gundersen Environmental Assistants Scott Breska. Nancy Haynie. and Kerry Creger


Above: Environmental Assistants Scott Breska, Nancy Haynie and Kerry Creger attended contract negotiations on Wednesday and told Gundersen management personal stories from the hospital floor about how being over-worked and under-staffed is leading to increased concerns about worker and patient safety.  Three CNA’s also came as guest speakers and told management that their patient load is too high.

Stand up and support our Gundersen bargaining team on Wednesday, November 19, Green Bay Building, Lower Level Conference Room, anytime between 7:30am – 6pm

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Watch unscripted conversations with the Wisconsin candidates for Governor

These are worth watching. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board hosted unscripted conversations with the Wisconsin candidates for Governor. Polls say the race is tied. These videos feature the candidates talking with Editorial writers.

Watched the visits here:

Click on the candidate’s name to watch them. Nice work Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for making these available.

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Report from Gundersen Bargaining and Attend Future Gundersen Bargaining Sessions

*** Union & Gundersen Management Exchanged Proposals on October 6th

Our Union 2015 contract bargaining has begun. As in the past, both sides attempt to resolve non-economic issues before economics so no economic proposals have been exchanged. Our Union has offered real proposals to improve working conditions, raise member living standards, improve patient care and make Gundersen a better, safer place to work.

Get the full report from the first day of bargaining HERE


*** All SEIUHealthcare Wisconsin / Gundersen Union Members Invited to Attend Bargaining!!

Please mark your calendars to attend bargaining sessions whenever possible. You can come at any time that fits into your calendar and stay as long as you want to. You can only observe while Gundersen Management is in the room but during Union caucuses you can participate in the discussion. Bargaining will take place on the following confirmed Bargaining Dates for 2014 from 7:30 am—6pm:

  • Monday, October 13—Green Bay Bldg Lower Level Training Center
  • Tuesday, October 14—ICE House, 4th Floor

Get the full schedule HERE


Even more Gundersen membership chapter information available HERE

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STUDY: Workers in “Right-to-Work” States Receive 24% More Government Assistance

A new University of Illinois-Urbana study on “Right-to-Work” laws shows that collective bargaining subsidizes low-wage work in some states.  With Illinois facing the possibility of GOP nominee Bruce Rauner winning the gubernatorial race by positioning himself as “the next Scott Walker” and pushing for “Right-to-Work” at the county level, the truth about the matter and its negative effects are timely.

From Labor and Employment Relations professor Robert Bruno and policy director of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute Frank Manzo IV:

Our study found that right-to-work laws weaken state economies and strain public budgets.  Right-to-work laws not only sap government revenue in the form of reduced tax receipts, but they also increase government spending in outlays for food stamps and the earned income tax credit.”

The argument is simple: Just as “Right-to-Work” allows some workers to freeload to the detriment of others, it also allows states to promote an anti-labor business model on the dime of those who respect workers.  Workers in “Right-to-Work” states account for 37.4 percent of federal income tax revenues, for instance, but receive 41.9 percent of non-health, non-retirement government assistance.

“Right-to-Work” states typically receive assistance from the federal government without paying their fair share.  Workers in “Right-to-Work” states receive $0.232 in non-health, non-retirement assistance per dollar they contribute in federal income tax.  Workers in collective bargaining states, on the other hand, receive $0.187 per federal income tax dollar, or 24 percent less.

Continue the the full article HERE


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Homecare Workers are Standing UP

2014 7 19F SHO Network Leaders and Bargaining Team

Led by Network Leaders and a strong bargaining team, SHO Members fight for rights and a fair Union Contract. Pictured here are Wyconda, Union President Dian Palmer, James, Deborah and Lola. In the front row are Missy, Andrea, Arkesia, April, Tisha and Tiara. SHO members will be rallying together to demand a fair contract on Thursday, August 14th at 11am at the corner of Harmonee & Wauwatosa Ave in Wauwatosa. Get a Flier HERE and be there!

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Congratulations to SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin nurse Ann Louise Tetreault

2014 5 6 Ann Louise Tetreault..

Congratulations to SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin nurse Ann Louise Tetreault for receiving the Nurse Excellence Award!! Ann Louise is a UWHCA Chapter Steward and is SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin Treasurer. You are recognized by nurses across the country for your leadership promoting the benefits of collective bargaining. Your employer and patients recognize you for your nursing skill and compassion. Congratulations to all SEIU Nurses for Excellence every day in caring for your patients!



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Meriter Service & Support Economic Proposals are on the table: Meriter Wants Your Retirement

Management Economic Proposal:
•    Discontinue Custom Health Insurance Plan. This could make the Tiered Plan more expensive down the road.
•    Hard Freeze your Pension. Anyone hired after December 1, 2013 will be ineligible to participate in the pension plan.
•    Give a 5¢ raise in 2014 and 2015.
•    Keep Short Term Medical Disability (STMD) as is. However, this is NOT off the table. They have not withdrawn it and can propose changes to it at any point in bargaining.

Union Economic Proposal:
•    Wage increase of 5%. Meriter is a profitable hospital and can afford to raise the wages of the backbone of the hospital.
•    Health Insurance premiums to be paid by Meriter at 100% for all plans. The cost of health insurance keeps going up. As healthcare workers, we deserve health insurance we can afford.
•    Tuition Assistance increased to $6,000 max from $4,000. Many of us are going back to school to offer more as employees and to our families. More tuition assistance = a stronger workforce.

Be at Bargaining. Show Management you won’t give in to huge cuts to your retirement.
Bargaining is held @ the Quality Inn on Fish Hatchery Rd. just after Copps every Tues, Wed, Thurs, until March 9th. Join us anytime between 7:30a and 6p

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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel calls out Governor Walker

Gov. Scott Walker needs to talk. He should hold a news conference to explain how much he knew about a secret email system as Milwaukee County executive. And he needs to let reporters ask as many questions as they want.

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Meriter Service and Support Members Seek Better Staffing and Workloads

Last week, the Meriter Service and Support Bargaining Team sat down to put the issues most important to SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin members at Meriter Hospital on the table. The Meriter Service and Support union bargaining team is fighting hard to attain better staffing levels and workloads. Meriter wants their retirement.

Management put very few issues on the table and even less that aimed to create a better work environment. Instead, they put retirement, health insurance and economic issues at the forefront.

The Union Bargaining Team asks Meriter employees to take a stand and attend Bargaining. Say no to cuts to retirements and futures.

Contract negotiations will be held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, February 11 – 13th, 7:30am-7:00pm at the Quality Inn on Fish Hatchery Road at the corner of Cahill Main (just after Copps) in Fitchberg.

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