New Licensing Requirement for Wisconsin RNs

All Registered Nurses (RNs) in Wisconsin renewing their licenses from January 5, 2012 to March 1, 2012 will be required to complete a confidential survey. The state will use the data from the survey to identify areas of need in the nursing profession. Completion of this survey is required by law for each RN and renewed licenses will not be issued until the online survey, or a paper survey, is completed.

Current RNs can expect to receive a postcard early in January with information on how to renew their licenses and take the required workforce survey online. Completing the survey online, regardless of whether you renew your license online, will be the most efficient way to meet the requirement and get your license issued with the least delay. You may also choose to complete the workforce survey online even if you use the paper invoice for renewal. All that is needed to complete the survey online is your credential number. The credential number is used to verify on your record that you have completed the survey – but the credential number will not in any way be tied to your responses. No e-mail address or payment information is required to complete the survey online. (more…)

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Nurse Alliance Roundup 12/12/11

When more than 400 nurses traveled to Washington, DC and joined in our “Code Blue” advocacy day and action last month, we helped protect quality healthcare for our patients through the power of our voices and our profession.

While we all know that what America needs right now is more good jobs, not more healthcare cuts, leaders in Washington were focused on one thing – cutting the essential healthcare services that seniors, people with disabilities and children depend upon. And cutting healthcare jobs. Thanks to you, Medicaid and Medicare were spared even deeper, more devastating cuts under the “super-committee” process.
Together, you and your fellow nurses took a stand, and reminded members of Congress and working Americans just what was at stake.  And you made the difference.  Our country’s healthcare system has been spared what would have been the worst cuts in history.
We still have a real fight ahead to ensure affordable, quality healthcare for everyone in America, but this moment marks a tremendous step in the right direction.
On behalf of the Nurse Alliance Executive Committee, we offer our deepest thanks and appreciation for your commitment to your patients and to nursing.
Finally, in an effort to keep all SEIU Nurse Sisters and Brothers in the loop, please help and invite them to sign up for our Roundup newsletter with our online tools.
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Nurses Alliance Roundup

There are days we all have when we find ourselves taking pause, taking a look around, and thinking…“Yes, I am in the right place at the right time.” I had three of those days last week at the National Nurse Alliance Conference, during which I had the good fortune and honor to work, learn and, laugh with more than 400 SEIU Registered Nurses.
Someone from the International came up to me and asked, “So, Negri … what’s with you and the nurses?” I said, “We’re amazing men and women whose power cannot be reckoned with — even if some us have yet to fully tap into that power.”  I got one of those “right on, brother” smiles.
But I wholeheartedly believe that.  Our Union’s nurses are hardworking, passionate, smart, OUTSPOKEN, and truly fantastic people who are humble enough to keep learning and keen enough to keep teaching. Maybe you think that is a “so what” statement, but I can tell you firsthand, it is a rare and precious gift, it speaks volumes to who we are individually and, more importantly, collectively.
There were a few nurse/union leaders who worked diligently (read: day-and-night) to pull our conference together. We begin the planning process as a committee of seven nurses and International staffers from different parts of the country who’d get together on the phone a couple times a week and exchange (what sometimes felt like!) 10 million emails a day. The result was that we formed a chain of sturdy links that could not be broken. I honestly believe that if any one person on this committee was not present, this chain would have fallen apart months ago.


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