About Us

SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin is Wisconsin’s largest and fastest growing health care workers union. We represent over 15,000 home care, nursing home, social service, and hospital workers across the State of Wisconsin. In these tough economic times, there has been no stronger advocate on behalf of workers – fighting not only for good wages and benefits for workers, but also ensuring the greatest possible care for patients, residents and clients – than SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin.

Our Vision

SEIU members and leaders in healthcare—now 2 million strong—have a unique opportunity to build a national union that can change the future of America by creating a new, fully funded healthcare system we can all be proud of—a healthcare system that:
  • Puts patients and quality care first.
  • Provides affordable care to every man, woman, and child in Wisconsin.
  • Recognizes that all healthcare workers must be treated with the professional respect and dignity they have earned, including high standards for pay, benefits, training and staffing, and the freedom to unite in a union without interference.
  • Understands that workers must have a strong voice in the workplace and be full partners with management in determining the best way to deliver quality care.
  • Ensures quality, long term care to meet the needs of our aging population in the coming years.

4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Ingrid Wirts says:

    I am a graduate of UW Madison who realizes that nursing home workers are not paid a living wage. This will continue until there is unionization of these “so called” valued positions in society. There is no reason that those caring for those that are most vulnerable are not well compensated for their emotional and physical contributions to their jobs.

  2. Laura Baade says:

    I totally agree and have worked over 30 years as an RN. I have worked in clinics, hospitals, management, homecare and long-term care. I have witnessed this for over 30years!

  3. William G Theep says:

    With the Covid 19 Crisis starting to slow down I hope you take this opportunity to start organizing the RNs in Hospitals and Clinics. The lack of PPE for the employees during this crisis was criminal. Hospitals and Healthcare groups should be building warehouses for equipment before wings. I’m the father of two RNs. I was a union member throughout my entire 42 year working career.
    Thank You.

    • scotthanson says:

      Thank you for contacting SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin, William.

      The poor preparations for the pandemic are awful. It doesn’t help that hospital systems are moving to “just-in-time” processes, like hospitals are factories. Just-in-time fails hospital workers and can be dangerous for patients. The pandemic is showing this. Your comment will be read by others in this union. Thank you and good luck to you and your kids.

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