Oakwood Union Update

Oakwood Union Contract Ratified

Congratulations! The tentative agreement the SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin @Oakwood bargaining committee negotiated was ratified today by union members at Oakwood. This was not easy as management began negotiations offering 0.5% wage increases. You had tremendous support from local allies and importantly from the faith community that stood with you. All of you signing that petition to the CEO mattered. Next summer, you will begin negotiations again — the almost 20 Oakwood employees that became members during the past couple weeks helps build your power for a better deal next time too. As previously announced, other provisions in the agreement are:

  • 3.5% pay increase over next 10 months, 2% immediately and 1.5% in January;
  • Bonus pay for extra shifts to employees on care units for next 6 months;
  • Flexible schedule options to be developed – bargaining unit members get first opportunity to volunteer for these shifts;
  • No health insurance takeaways;
  • Wage flexibility to improve hiring to help address the staffing crisis;
  • Defeated management proposed pay for performance scheme that has a history of discrimination toward minorities and women;
  • No loss in longevity pay that management took from employees not represented by SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin;
  • Contract expires October 31, 2022. In late summer we will be back at the bargaining table with the opportunity for better wages.

Please talk with our bargaining team members if you have questions: Virgie Burton, UW; Kirsten McKee, PR; Dan Meyer, UW; Tammy Schutz, UW; Jeff Urshlitz, UW

It will take a little time to prepare, proof-read, sign and print new contracts. As soon as they are ready, they will be posted to www.seiuhcwi.org and distributed.

Union Labor/Management meeting scheduled 3/18

Union members at Oakwood will meet together with Oakwood management on Thursday, 3/18 at 4pm to discuss workplace concerns and find solutions. The January meeting helped improve communications with supervisors in some departments and we advocated for improved reporting if working through breaks. Do you have concerns you think you want discussed with management? contact a bargaining team member, a union steward or contact Scott at 608-225-4291.

Steward/Worksite Leader Trainings Scheduled

Stewards are union members that help coworkers understand their contract, give help filing a grievance if the union contract is violated and help co-workers act together with power to make jobs better. In the past month, 2 Oakwood employees have said that they would like to become stewards. Would you be interested in learning to become a steward too? contact Scott at 608-225-4291.

The next steward training is scheduled 5:30pm-7:30pm Wednesday, 3/24. Click HERE for a 2021 trainings schedule.

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