2021 Together For New Oakwood Contract

We are stronger as one voice speaking with Oakwood management. Together as SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin, we talk about and advocate for fair pay, good benefits, safety and great jobs. The contract we reached with Oakwood management a few years ago expires early next year.

We are starting preparations for a new agreement about our wages, benefits and working conditions at Oakwood. Nominate who you think will best represent you and your co-workers to the bargaining team. Nominations must be received by 5pm on Thursday, October 15th. Bargaining team elections are October 20th and will be held in a virtual meeting to be announced.

Nominate yourself to be on the bargaining team.

Our bargaining team needs your help — join the contract action team to help keep co-workers together to amplify our voices.

How do you think your job could be improved? Are you satisfied with how residents receive care? Your voice matters in our effort. We are more successful with you. You should complete this survey about your job, how you are paid and what could be improved.

Oakwood employees have already started talking about changes and improvements they’d like to make to their jobs. Share your ideas too!

If you have not received e-mail or gotten text messages, Stay connected to SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin HERE. Share this message with your co-workers!

Become an SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin Member or help a coworker become a member HERE.

Oakwood employees have worked hard to raise the standard for good jobs as long term care workers and have the power together to make jobs safer and even better with you part of the effort.

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