WI Primary Election is Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Please remind those you love that when they go to vote, to be sure to wear a mask!

Are you voting on your way to work (polls open at 7am)? Are you voting after work (polls close at 8pm)?

Voting is important and these candidates have pledged their support for healthcare workers, including for the Healthcare Heroes Act — The SEIU Wisconsin State Council endorsed the following candidates running in the August 11th Democratic primaries for state legislature:

If you have questions about how to vote, where to vote, your voter registration or about who is on the ballot, please visit: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/.

These candidates above have pledged their support for policies to address the deep inequalities and injustices that have long existed in our economy and our society. Living wages and a seat at the table for workers through our unions. Healthcare for all. Dignity, rights, and respect on the job.

Beyond their support for our governing agenda, these candidates have committed to working with us to draft legislation, build campaigns inside the Capitol and in our communities, lobby their colleagues in government, and help advance the cause beyond saying they will vote with us.

That kind of leadership is how we win policies to transform our jobs, our neighborhoods, our economy, and our society — leaders who stick up for the working class, no matter our race, immigration status, or what kind of job we do.

Beyond candidates in these districts above, SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin stands with our Wisconsin AFL-CIO endorsements available here: https://www.wisaflcio.org/news/2020-candidate-endorsements-wisconsin-legislature.

These political leaders have our backs — so now we need to have theirs.

In solidarity,
Brenda Frary
SEIU Wisconsin State Council President

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