SEIUhcWI Retirees call for Mass testing and NOT mass protesting against public health

SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin Retirees have contacted all members of the Wisconsin Legislature calling for more testing, funding a public health strategy and better support for Wisconsin’s healthcare workforce.

2020 4 25 Safer At Home - Retirees

Retired Nurses and other healthcare professionals are outraged that misguided individuals would congregate to disagree with the sound science of “safer at home”.

In order to get people safely back to work we urge the adoption of a proven public health strategy, one that relies on testing and contact tracing to determine who has been exposed to the virus. When you know who has the virus you can then take appropriate intervention, i.e. isolation and treatment.  

Imagine a system where if you are diagnosed with exposure or have the virus that you are supported by health care professionals who find you, talk to you, educate you and your family on doing what is effective.  

Wisconsin hospitals are furloughing RNs and Wisconsin had a $800+ million surplus plus Billions more coming from the Federal Government. Let’s put them to work testing and educating.

A public health strategy puts people back to work helping others and makes our communities safer. It will also provide the structure needed for future outbreaks so there is confidence and trust in our government, leaders, and health care systems.

We need more testing and don’t need protesting against public health. Fund a public health strategy and better support Wisconsin’s healthcare workforce.

Until Covid-19 infection rates come down, we are all safer at home.

#SEIUhcWI, #SaferAtHome, #MoreMaskNow, #HealthcareHeroesAct


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