What we requested from employers.

This is the list of information requested by our Union:

  1. The facility specific infection control and occupational health plan for COVID-19, which should incorporate, at a minimum, the current draft CDC guidance for COVID-19 found at https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/covid-19/controlprevention.html.
  2. A copy of any after action/debriefing report assessing the facility’s response to suspect or known COVID-19 cases.
  3. Copy of site specific comprehensive programs that integrate the CDC COVID-19 guidance, at a minimum. These programs should include drills to practice the strict infection control procedures recommended by CDC, including training and evaluation on PPE donning and doffing.
  4. A copy of the facility’s current written Respiratory Protection Plan, a list of the aerosol generating procedures the facility has identified and a description as to how these are incorporated into the facility’s COVID-19 preparedness planning.  As a part of the current COVID-19 guidance, CDC recommends the use of respiratory protection during all aerosol generating procedures performed on a suspect/known patient/resident.
  5. A copy of the facility’s policy on pay and benefit protection for all workers placed on precautionary removal from their normal work because of possible COVID-19 exposure.

20200321 Protect All Workers

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