36 WI State Representatives Deserve Applause for Protecting Patient Safety

SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin (SEIUhcWI) Members successfully pushed back against this bad-idea-proposal to reduce Wisconsin CNA training standards by calling and e-mailing  members of the Wisconsin Assembly. SEIUhcWI Members spoke up together to defend patients and professions.

M Jerry for high training standards

In this photo, Marjorie Jerry, a CNA from Beloit notes, “We need to address the CNA shortage in Wisconsin to provide the care and attention that our residents deserve. My coworkers and I got into this field because we care about what we do, but we’ve seen a lot of people leave the field for higher-paying jobs. The solution to the CNA shortage is to have well-trained CNAs who are paid a living wage, not to keep wages low and decrease the quality of training we receive.”

MADISON, WI – On Wednesday, January 15, 36 members of the Wisconsin Assembly stood up to corporate special interests and voted to preserve Gov. Evers’ veto of a bill to reduce training standards for Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) by over 35% to the minimum allowed by Federal law. This left the override attempt short of the 2/3 majority required for the bill to become law.

SEIU WI State Council President Brenda Frary and SEIU Healthcare WI President Ramon Argandona made the following joint statement:

AB76 was pushed by corporate special interests as a backdoor way to keep pay low for CNAs in Wisconsin. Instead of addressing the chronically low pay of CNAs, these interests wanted to endanger patients by reducing crucial job training to equal the lowest standards in the country. This is part of a broader campaign to eliminate licensing of professionals throughout the economy in order to have less qualified workers compete with better trained workers to drive pay down.

Gov. Evers’ saw the bill for what it was and vetoed it. Today enough legislators voted against this corporate agenda to sustain that veto. As employees of a healthcare facility, we know the work that CNAs do everyday to help our patients have the best possible outcome. Instead of reducing training to keep pay low, CNAs deserve a living wage. We applaud the 36 courageous lawmakers who stood up for patients and caregivers.


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