UW Health Nurses Forming a Union

“If there’s no [legal] duty to bargain over a topic in a collective bargaining relationship, or if there’s no duty to bargain anything, there can still be a union that represents the employees, and the employer, if it wishes to, can meet and confer with the representative of the union over topics they mutually wish to discuss,” says Peter Davis, a staff attorney and formerly general counsel for the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC).

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What We’re Doing

After signing up a powerful majority of nurses at UWHCA, a group of nurse leaders attended the December 19th UWHCA Board of Directors meeting to present our demands:

1. Voluntarily recognize our union and return to productive and positive collaboration with nurses that made UWHC the kind of remarkable hospital system Wisconsin citizens deserve.

2. Meet and confer with us regarding staffing and scheduling concerns, with the highest priority being placed on setting safe and appropriate nurse/patient ratios for every nursing unit.

3. Restore the just-cause standard and Weingarten rights for all to re-establish an environment in which nurses are able to function as fearless patient advocates and trusted leaders of the health care delivery team.

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  For more information, contact: UWHCNurses4union@gmail.com

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