Increase CNA Pay To Attract Workers; Don’t Lower Training Standards!

Thank you Governor Tony Evers for standing with Wisconsin CNAs, our members and the patients they serve.

The shortage of CNAs in Wisconsin exists because these workers perform critical work—often for long, irregular hours—for unjustifiably low pay. This conversation should be about fair wages, not lowering standards.

Gov. Evers vetoes CNA training hours bill

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) Democratic Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed a Republican bill that would have made it easier to become a certified nurse’s assistant in Wisconsin.

If approved, the bill would have prevented state health officials from requiring CNA training to exceed 75 hours, which is the federally-required minimum amount. Current Wisconsin laws require CNAs to complete at least 120 hours of training.

In vetoing the measure on Wednesday, Governor Evers says he is against less training for those who care for Wisconsin’s most-vulnerable residents.

Sen. Rob Cowles (R), one of the bill’s co-authors, released a statement following the veto saying in part that the measure was an attempt to create more health care positions in the state. Sen. Cowles stated in part, “This legislation is needed more than ever to address the CNA shortage, especially in our rural and northern communities.”


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