SEIU Healthcare WI Members at Sauk County Public Health Re-certify for 6th Consecutive Year

2019 4 25 1Sauk recert victory photo

In 2011, Wisconsin public sector employee rights were stripped away due to Act 10. This law meant that when contracts expired, members would have to re-certify annually, requiring a majority of all eligible voters, not just a majority vote if they wanted to remain represented by their union. While their public sector employer could only negotiate their annual base rate of pay, no add-ons like for holidays or undesirable shifts, they would only be able to negotiate wages up to the cost of living. Despite the attacks, Public Health workers continued to vote to re-certify annually starting in 2014. “We remain SEIU strong, voting to certify for another year,” said Mindy Shrader, SEIU member and Sauk County employee. In Sauk County, remaining union strong has allowed worksite leaders to address concerns in labor management meetings and represent employees in meetings with management.

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