SEIU Lawsuit Victory Over Walker’s “Lame Duck” Laws

2019 3 25 SEIU n Circuit Court defending constitutional separation of powers.JPG
After tireless efforts by SEIU members and staff during the 2018 Governors’ election, we finally ended 8 years of anti-worker, anti-union Governor Scott Walker. However, during the final legislative session of Walker’s term (the “Lame Duck”), the legislature passed and Walker signed a set of laws to severely limit the power of the incoming Evers administration. This in effect hamstrung many of Evers’ priorities, and made positive changes for working people more difficult to achieve.

In response, SEIU’s legal team filed a lawsuit challenging the “Lame Duck” legislation based on the fact that it violates the separation of powers that are enshrined in the Wisconsin State Constitution. SEIU Healthcare WI President Ramon Argandona was listed as a lead plaintiff in the lawsuit, along with other SEIU members and leaders.

On March 25, a Circuit Court judge heard oral arguments in front of a packed courtroom. SEIU members, retirees and supporters from the Fight for $15 were in attendance. The following day, Judge Remington issued a strong decision which was, in essence, a full rebuke of the “Lame Duck” legislation. Other than a few minor parts, the entirety of the legislation was enjoined.

This was a major victory for our union, for the Evers administration, and for working people around the state. When we fight, we win!


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