City of Madison and Dane County pass resolutions, Support of Nursing Assistants and Caregivers

WHEREAS, Certified Nursing Assistants provide safe and compassionate care for our vulnerable populations including our disabled and our elderly by providing for all activities of daily living including feeding, bathing, toileting, etc. as well as meeting the emotional needs for our short-term, long-term, and acute care populations; and,

WHEREAS, a recent Wisconsin provider study, “The Long-Term Care Workforce Crisis: A 2016 Report” found that there is a crisis in caregiving due to wage and benefit disparity and scheduling processes that lead to burnout and understaffing.  The study found:

– 4 out of 5 personal caregivers who took jobs outside of health care left for better pay, better benefits and/or better hours.

– 84% of open hours are filled by using double shifts, overtime, and other strategies which are leading to caregiver burnout and understaffing.

– The median hourly starting wage for personal caregivers is $10.75 compared to $12.00 for local, non-health care, unskilled, entry level work.

– More than 50% of providers do not offer health insurance to part-time staff and one in four providers had at least 10 employees on BadgerCare Plus,

WHEREAS, according to the same Wisconsin study the expected need for personal care workers is projected to increase 26.4% by 2022 which means unfilled shifts and understaffing. The study found:

– There are an estimated 11,500 vacant caregiver positions in Wisconsin long-term and residential care facilities.

– There were 24% fewer people applying for certification as a nursing assistant between 2012 and 2015 and there was a 24% decline in renewals during that same period; and,

Read the full City of Madison Resolution

Read the Dane County Resolution regarding the Crisis in Caregiving Support of Nursing Assistants and Caregivers


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