Tracy Suprise — Support Fellow Members in San Bernadino

Dear SEIU members and former members,

We all are aware of the horrific deaths of 14 people in San Bernadino, California. Many others were injured. I know we all are concerned about this senseless violence but there is more to this tragedy.

Ten of the fourteen people who were murdered are SEIU members. Yes—is that not a double tragedy for us? I think so….

I am bringing this to your attention because WE ARE UNION. This means we take care of each other. The members killed were young—-have families and did not plan to have funerals or not be able to provide for their children.

WE NEED TO HELP OUT— Help Families, Help kids that lost a parent! You can send money and small amounts are important too—

ATT: Local 721 Member and Family Support Fund
1800 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20036

You can also donate on-line here:

Our International Union is providing grief counseling and other supports. We can also make a difference. We care and can show it with any contribution. Thanks for all you do!!


Tracy Suprise

– Tracy Suprise is a former UW Health RN, former President of the Union and a current member of the SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin Retiree Chapter.

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