Solving the Homecare Workforce Crisis

Homecare Fight for $15

Nearly 50,000 home care workers in Wisconsin are earning poverty wages while doing critical work for our families. These front line workers are the key to dignity and independence for Wisconsin’s elderly and people with disabilities. They form a special bond with the people they care for: helping with bathing, food preparation, bathroom use, medications, mobility and other key tasks of daily living. Over the next decade nearly a million people (almost all are women) will become home care workers in America.

On average home are workers make around $13,000 per year. Most do not get paid time off and nearly half of all home care workers receive public assistance, while one-fourth live in households with incomes that fall below the federal poverty line.

Low wages keep hardworking Wisconsin women and their children boxed into a life with too many tough choices and not enough opportunity. That is why home care workers took action on April 15 and formed Homecare Fight for $15. They issued a call for higher wages and union rights to end the cycle of grinding poverty for millions of people in this country. Caring for our most vulnerable should be an honored profession.

report by the National Employment Law Project says that if America’s 2 million home care workers were paid $15 an hour, it would put $16.5 billion in their pockets, add up to $6.6 billion to the U.S. economy and create as many as 50,000 jobs. Raising wages to $15 an hour would allow home care workers to raise their families with dignity while providing dignity to families across the state.

Homecare workers and the families they work for call on the Wisconsin State Legislature to:

 1) Ensure that homecare workers are paid living wages and given access to comprehensive training and career development.

2) Reject the insurance company takeover of our long term care program.

3) Improve and support the current Family Care, IRIS and partnership programs to increase local control, consumer choice and consumer-directed, independent living.

4) Require stakeholders be consulted to design needed improvements in the current system.

For more information: Contact Creasie Fowler, 414-779-1342

Click here to sign the petition to Wisconsin State Legislators with our Wisconsin Jobs Now partners

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