Union Settles Three Issues with Management:

  • Managers and supervisors cannot harass, bully, intimidate or retaliate against employees.
  • Workers can now use paid bereavement time whenever they need, not just within five days of a death in the family like before.
  • Schedules must be built starting with all regular employees first, followed by on-call employees second to fill the holes, rather than the other way around like some departments were doing.

Stand Up For Union Security! Don’t Let Gundersen Take Away Our Rights!

Union security gives us the resources and power we need to fight for what’s right at the bargaining table.
Gundersen management wants to weaken our union so they can:

  • Make us work more for less pay;
  • Pay more in premiums for less benefits;
  • Face more discipline with less representation;
  • Gut our pensions and retirement accounts.

Enough is enough! The hospital would not run without hardworking union members and it’s time management starts to respect our rights on the job!

Our next two bargaining sessions will focus on:

  • Staffing,
  • Workload,
  • Scheduling, and
  • Surveillance.

Attend Bargaining With Us:

  • Tue, Oct 21, 7:30am-6pm, Heritage 2R Training Center (above the credit union),
  • Wed, Oct 22, 7:30am-6pm, Lower Level Training Center, Green Bay Building.

In Solidarity – Your Bargaining Team

Jill King – Environmental Services Assistant – days
Jim Wemette – Environmental Services Specialist – days
Sandy Summers – Food & Nutrition – days
Mike Norquist – Facility Ops
Joe Pitsch – Logistics
Danita Miller – CNA Float
Kateeri O’Brien – CNA Behavioral Health
Jessi Denson – CNA Neuro
Veronica Craig – Environmental Services – PMs
Tim Hoeth – Facility Ops – Alternate
Jonna Peterson – CNA – Short Stay – Alternate


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