Announcing Your Meriter RN Nurses Council

Your new Nurses’ Council has been elected! Elected by you, the Nurses’ Council handles the issues that come up with management, educates members, and coordinates union activities.


  • Cheryl Eller, Operating Room
  • Bill Schmitz, ICU

Nurses’ Council Members:

  • Sherryl Abplanalp, NICU
  • Ken Adams, 11 Tower
  • Mike Auck, Operating Room
  • Barbara Boehm, Women’s Health Ante/Postpartum
  • Steve Disch, 3 North
  • Victoria Guttierez, IMCU
  • Elisabeth Maier, PACU
  • Mary Malaney, 2 Atrium
  • Kassia Millar, IMCU
  • Emilee Montiel, 1 East Adult Psych
  • Jamie Shulfer, Child/Adolescent Psych
  • Allison Sorg, Women’s Health Perinatal Float Pool
  • Julie Stellmacher, 8 Atrium
  • Marian Stokes, Women’s Health Ante/Postpartum
  • Stephanie Smecko, 10 Tower HVSSU

Congratulate your new Nurses’ Council members and feel free to contact them regarding any issues.

Work Design Team Elections

If your unit has not held an election for Work Design Team members in the last year now is a good time to do it. Ideally half of the seats should be up for election every year. Your Work Design Team members make the ballot for your unit’s Holiday and Vacation Guidelines and can work on scheduling options like 8 & 12 hour shifts every working third weekend, cyclic schedules, self-scheduling, etc.

Some units have combined Work Design with their CPM group. We don’t recommend this, as CPM members are appointed and your Work Design Team members are to be elected. Combining Work Design and CPM works well for management, but may not give you and your unit the best representation. Management cannot tell you who can run or who can be on Work Design or whether or not you can have an election. This is up to you and your co- workers!

The schedule runs your life, be the change you want to see on your unit and help reactivate your unit’s Work Design Team.

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