Meriter Service & Support Bargaining Team Nominations

Meriter Service and Support Bargaining Team Biographies

 Group #1: Environmental Services (2 Seats plus 1 alternate)

  • Jill Anthony, Housekeeper – Bargaining Team: Jill has been a housekeeper at Meriter for 11 years. She works as an AM Housekeeper (12 to 8:30). She has worked both AM & PM 1 & 2 shifts, allowing her to know most of her coworkers. Jill has represented the Union in WashingtonD.C. for worker’s rights, attended the last Membership Convention, and attended worksite meetings. Jill wants to represent and support herself and her coworker’s rights for a reasonable new union contract.
  • Salvador Lara, Housekeeper – Bargaining Team: Salvador has been at Meriter for 5 years. He works as a Days Housekeeper currently and recently trained to become a Union steward.
  • Deloris Seawright, Housekeeper – Bargaining Team: Deloris has been at Meriter for 31 years and has worked as a work site leader and Bargaining Team member in past contracts. She currently works on 6 North and she is seeking election because her coworkers have asked her to represent them. They know she will do her best to see that all members will get the best deal possible.
  • Rob White, Housekeeper – Bargaining Team: Rob has been at Meriter for 4 years and currently works Days. He most recently trained to be a Union steward and is working to make sure his coworkers are being as best represented as possible. Rob has worked closely with Ramon Argandona to learn the different leadership roles available with the Union and has attended a number of work site meetings. He also currently sits on the Arbitration Committee for SEIU in order to better learn his role as a steward.
  • Geri Marsh, Housekeeper – Alternate: Geri has been at Meriter as a housekeeper for 30 years. She has worked as a work site leader with the Union in the past as well as a Bargaining Team member. She regularly talks to members about issues and has done an informational picket in the past. She wants to help fill in when someone is not available at Bargaining so that the bargain can go smoother.

Group #2: Food & Nutrition, Biomed, & Engineering (2 Seats plus 1 Alternate)

  •  Brenda Frary, Cook – Bargaining Team: Brenda has worked in the Food and Nutrition services department for more than 33 years. She is currently a cook. She has a BA in Political Science and International Relations from UW Madison and an MSM from Cardinal Stritch University. She enjoys working with all ethnic groups and people from many backgrounds. She has been active in the Union since 1982. She worked for many years as a steward and as a union organizer during the 1980s and 1990s. She has been active because she believes we deserve a voice in our working conditions, benefits, and wages. She has been active because she believes that as a united group, we should have our voices heard. In today’s environment we all need to stick together and be one voice for all Service Workers here at Meriter Hospital.
  • Mahmood Darvish (Moody), Mechanic – Bargaining Team: Moody has worked as a project engineer, facility manager, and power plant operator. He’s been at Meriter for 2 years. He has worked as a Union leader at his past jobs for years.

Group #3: Nursing (3 Seats plus 1 Alternate)

  •  Lisa Chamberlain, CNA in the Operating Room – Bargaining Team: Lisa is training to be a Union steward and has been a delegate at the SEIU HCWI membership convention. She is seeking election because she believes this is going to be one of the hardest years for bargaining and she is fully committed to representing her fellow CNAs and service members. She finds the bargaining to be very interesting and she believes she has what it takes to stay strong and fight for what’s right.
  • Cass Downing, CNA in Mobile Unit – Bargaining Team: Cass has been a delegate at the SEIU membership convention and worked to get out the vote during campaign season with SEIU. She is seeking election because she wants a better contract and to represent her co-workers.
  • Cortney Kuehn, CNA on 9 Tower – Bargaining Team: Cortney has been a CNA on 9 Tower, 10 Tower, and the OR. She has been to the SEIU membership convention and worked for the Obama campaign with SEIU. She has also been on the Arbitration Committee and an active member. Cortney is seeking election because we need a great representation for the service and support. She has experience in 3 different floors at Meriter and has been a CNA at Meriter for 9 ½ years. She feels as if she can be a great representative for the service and support staff.
  • Tina Wacker, SPD, Operating Room Materials Aide – Bargaining Team: Tina has worked at Meriter for 9 years and been a member of the service team. She has been a Union unit contact for her group and has worked to communicate Union issues to her co-workers and attended meetings. She wants to be on the bargaining team in order to support her work group and the service and support membership.
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