Nurses’ Council Nominees

Elections will then be held on Monday, November 4th
at the Labor Temple from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Co Chair: Bill Schmitz, ICU. Bill has been an ICU RN for 13 years at Meriter. He is a current Co-chair of Nurses’ Council and a member of the 2013 Bargaining Team. He has been active as a member of Nurses’ Council for almost 10 years.

Nurse’s Council Member (2 Year Terms):

  • Sherryl Abplanalp, NICU. Sherryl has worked as a Research Nurse in the NICU for 7 years and as a NICU Staff Nurse for 30+ years. Prior to Meriter, Sherryl was a staff nurse in the NICU at St. Mary’s for 1 year. She has served on the Elections Board and most recently has been a Union unit contact for the NICU during contract negotiations. Sherryl has spent her entire nursing career in the world of the NICU and would like to gain some perspective when it comes to problems and solutions. She would like to be better informed about the happenings at Meriter and in the Union so that she and her co-workers have accurate and timely information about things that are important to them.
  • Ken Adams, 11 Tower Heart and Vascular. Ken has been an RN on HVU for almost 2 ½ years. Prior to that he was a nursing assistant on 8T Neuro for over 4 years. He has also worked as a National Ski Patroller and an EMT before joining the military. He has been a Union unit contact for HVU during the recent contract negotiations and he actively wrote letters to Jim Woodward and Pat Grunwald as well as attended regular Union meetings and the informational picket. Ken has also been a member of the Teamsters Union when he worked for UPS years ago. Ken wants to help make a positive difference not only for himself and 11Tower co-workers, but for all Meriter nurses and employees.
  • Mike Auck, Operating Room. Mike has been an RN in the OR for 11 years. He looks forward to becoming more involved in the Union and wants to help in more ways than just being supportive.
  • Barbara Boehm, Women’s Health Ante/Postpartum. Barb has been an RN at Meriter since 1981 and a member of the Nurses’ Council for the past few years. She believes our Union gives us a much needed voice in our workplace and she wants to be a part of that.
  • Steve Disch, 3 North. Steve has been an RN at Meriter for 14 years. Prior to that, he worked at Oscar Meyer for 30 years. Steve was an executive at Local 530 for 10 years and a steward for 20 years before working at Meriter. Now, Steve wants to make a difference working with his Meriter RN Union.
  • Allison Sorg, Women’s Health Perinatal Float Pool. Allison has been a Meriter RN for 8 years and has worked in the Med/Surg, OB, and NICU departments. She has been a previous Nurses’ Council member and a Union steward. Allison would like to continue to represent Meriter RNs on Nurses’ Council and bring information back to members as well as bring members’ concerns to Council meetings and UP/NAC.
  • Julie Stellmacher, 8 Atrium. Julie has worked at Meriter for over 23 years, 20 of which she has worked as an RN. She has worked on 6 Tower and 8 Atrium as well as the old Meriter Dialysis unit. Julie has been a previous Nurses’ Council member, on the Cluster Floating Taskforce committee, and a Bargaining Team member in the past. She feels that with this past bargain and the changes we are about to see with the new partnership, it is more important than ever to represent our membership and work with management to preserve our union. She believes that our contract has been so pivotal in maintaining safety for staff and patients alike, it is imperative that it continues. As in the past as a council member, it would be her pleasure to take the concerns of the membership to the Nurses’ Council.

Nurses’ Council Member (1 Year Terms):

  • Elisabeth Maier, PACU. Elisabeth has been a staff nurse in the PACU for years and has been on Nurses’ Council in the past. She has represented the Union on the Hospital-wide Safety Committee as well. Elisabeth would like to serve as a Nurses’ Council member one more time before retirement.
  • Emilee Montiel, 1E Adult Psych. Emilee has been an RN on 1 East for 8 years. She has attended bargaining regularly and been a Union unit contact during the recent contract negotiations. She wants to stay more involved with the Union and be more informed on hospital occurrences.
  • Jamie Shulfer, Child/Adolescent Psych. Jamie has been an RN at Child Psych for 7 years. She has attended multiple bargaining meetings and wants to represent her unit on Nurses’ Council.
  • Stephanie Smecko, 10 Tower HVSSU. Stephanie has worked at Meriter for almost 9 years. She has worked as an Exercise Physiologist for 5 years and became a nurse on 11 Tower for 2 ½ years before moving to 10 Tower. She has worked on 10 Tower for 2 years now. Stephanie has not been very involved with the Union and would like to start. She wants to become more involved in Meriter’s Nurses’ Union and support her co-workers and fellow nurses.


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