Safe Staffing = Quality Patient Care

No Patient Assignment For Care Team Leaders, Why?

Medical unit Care Team Leaders (CTLS) still have a 50% patient care assignment. The patient assignment needs to be stable, low acuity patients. Giving up a primary patient to a care team leader is not a satisfier for the staff nurse. “I have built a relationship with this patient when he was really sick and now I can’t care for him!”

CTLS need to triage patients for throughput, coordinate staffing, be a resource to staff nurses, lead in IMOC rounds, improve patient satisfaction and intentional rounding etc. “I want a CTL to have my back not take my patient.”

Patient acuity and throughput continue to rise. Forty five minutes from ED discharge to admit to a unit bed is the UWHC goal but today’s average is 90 minutes.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will reward hospitals for quality patient care.

Let’s organize our units to maximize the best chance for high quality outcomes. Let’s encourage UWHC management to do the right thing. No increase in nurse patient ratios for staff nurses and no patient assignments for CTLS.


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