Minutes of the May 14th Labor Management Meeting

Union and management representatives met in room E5/492 at 2pm. Four members of the union team and one staff representative were present for the whole meeting. One member of the union team came for the last 90 minutes. Management was represented by 4 labor relations staff and Sue Rees. One member of the union team was absent due to a vacation. Management chose not to bring any of the Nursing Directors to this meeting.

Old Business

 1. Nurse Line Draws – The plan is completed and moving forward live at the West Clinic and U Station. There are 11 nurses trained to the line draws at West and 7 at U Station. East Clinic will go live on July 1st. Management still working on specifics at the CSC outpatient lab. There have been no problems reported at the Oncology Clinic.

 2. Workplace Violence Training – Management is working with security to get the training started while the Academy continues to get its workforce in place.

 3. FAQ on the Rights of Non-Represented Employees – The union believes that management should not be holding captive meetings with our union members. This is interfering with the union’s legal right to represent our employees and enforce the contract. Management should not be meeting with our members without the union present. These meeting are not giving the full picture. There are many rights that the employees will maintain even if non-represented and there are options to utilize the services of our union.

Management asserts that they have a duty to tell the employees about their future as non-represented workers. They claim that they are trying to stick to the facts. When asked why they can’t increase pay to offset the decrease in pension and health insurance benefits Sue Rees stated that census reimbursements are declining and UW wants to remain a viable institution.

4. The parties continue to differ on what constitutes scheduled hours of work for the payment of the union members on the labor management team. In effect, management does not believe that it has an obligation to pay pm or noc employees unless they attend labor management meetings during their regular work hours.

 5. Vital Sign Monitors (VSMS) and Rover technology – Only 5 (VSMS) that were still not connected.  For the new staff we are working on getting ID badges to work right away. Rover technology for label printing is starting on B6/6 on May 20th. This will change some of the lab labeling procedure is there will be no requisition slip and you will be able to put some of the labels in a bag with the specimen.

 6. Safe Patient Handling/Lifting – Sue Rees reported that the hospital has finalized plans to have all areas of the hospital complete training by June 2014. She reported on the current status of training.

 7. Health and Safety Committee – Lesli Wright-Bobholz has agreed to serve as the union representative on the committee.

 8. Quarterly Report- Discussion concerning turnover, travelers, and unit discussions about the FAQ.

 9. Digestive Health Clinic (DHC)- We discussed the following issues concerning the new west side clinic: bulletin board, senior team member selections, staffing/training, per diem pay, unit councils, new employee orientation.

10. Non-Represented 50 Star Council – Management reported that the purpose of the star council was to get feedback from frontline employees before rolling out new projects. An example was to discuss the increase in parking rates.

 Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm




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