Improvements Thanks to Labor/Management Meetings

In the last two months, with Sue Rees as the main administrative contact, Labor Management meetings have been more informative and collaborative. We heard about new lab labeling software to be installed in Epic and our mobile med scanners which will hopefully decrease lab-labeling errors. We will continue to file Notice of Risk forms. Often on these forms, we still see that confused patients are frequently mentioned. With this heightened acuity, staff are working over matrix, and with the nursing assistants sitting the confused patients, it leaves the floor understaffed.

Staff who have filled out the Notice of Risk forms point out that these conditions have prevented them from teaching, patient advocacy, charting, and performing at level of job description. Management has replied by opening up student nursing assistant positions. They are reviewing data for upcoming budgets. D45 has hired a nursing assistant for their night shift..

Continue to be proactive on your units and remember the union is following up monthly on your behalf.

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