WRS Meetings: Stand Up For Your Retirement

Politicians are on the attack, undercutting rights and benefits earned by public service employees. Not satisfied with slashing benefits for current workers, now they have put a target on the Wisconsin Retirement System.

Join us for a discussion about America’s retirement crisis and how the WRS can help us find a way forward. For more details, click on the meeting in your area:

Speakers, which include financial and retirement policy experts, will address:

  • Update on what the recent study of the WRS said about the health of our pensions and recommendations for its future.
  • Discussion about what might happen in 2013.
  • Ways to work together to keep our pensions safe from the agendas of politicians.
  • Extending the model of the WRS to private-sector workers without secure retirements.

A question and answer session will follow the presentations.


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