Victory for Caregivers & Residents at Kindred Nursing Homes

Members and residents at Kindred Nursing Homes won a major victory. Management at Kindred Nursing Homes had proposed to lower the regular shift hours from 8 to 7 ½ hours.  This reduction in hours didn’t just affect the caregivers – it would have reduced the quality of care for every resident.  Unsafe staffing levels aren’t just dangerous for the staff; they lead to an increase in falls, accidents and other preventable conditions like lower fluid intake, urinary tract infections, and skin breakdowns.

 Here’s what some of our members had to about how this proposal would have affected quality care they can provide:

 Mary, CNA, 15 years: “I pride myself on providing quality care to each of my residents.  I can only do that if I am given adequate time and information on each of my residents.  This includes a complete report on the residents’ plan of care including any changes in condition.  Without a complete report, I am jeopardizing my resident and my license.


Vicki, CNA, 11 years: “Our one-on-one time with residents will be significantly reduced. Previously we had fifteen minutes per resident to get them dressed and ready in the morning, now we’ll only have seven minutes per resident.  I care so deeply about my residents.  Seven minutes is just not enough time to get frail elderly dressed.  Only someone who has never cared for a resident in a nursing home would think this is right.”


April, CNA, 3 years:  “I fear that I will not be able to take care of each of my residents during the shift.  What happens to them if I can’t get to all of them?  I am only human and can only do so much.  Management is asking us to do super human work.  My residents deserve the best possible care.  That’s just not possible with the hours reduction.  This is unacceptable.”


Mounting community pressure and staying strong at the bargaining table, HCWI members got management to drop their proposal and keep the current shift. This policy will help caregivers at these homes provide the best possible care for the residents. 

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