Homecare Providers BBQ For Solidarity!

Homecare workers held a day-long political education program combined with a barbecue in Lincoln Park just a few days before the June 5 election. The members who attended had a chance to talk about their working conditions and wage limitations, and to link these to the current state government.

Scott Walker has blocked collective bargaining rights, slashed funding for Medicaid, cut care hours for patients, and work hours for Homecare Providershomecare workers, Alicia Treadwell told the assembled caregivers. As an icebreaker, the union members were asked to describe what they would say or do if they found themselves in a locked room with Scott Walker. “Ask him why he’s cutting hours for people who need care….”   “Show him the crowded classrooms in our schools…”  “Show him the children who end up in emergency rooms because they were cut off BadgerCare…” said another.
Most of those attending the barbecue signed COPE pledge forms, and promised to work to build a stronger union.

The barbecue began at noon for late shift workers, and stretched into the late afternoon to accommodate daytime workers.



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