Quality healthcare in our community is at risk!

Sign the online petition to tell Kindred Nursing Homes to put quality care of the residents before corporate profits.

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Management at Kindred Nursing Homes are lowering the hours that workers can spend caring for the residents at Colonial Manor, Eastview, and Northridge Nursing Homes.

This reduction in hours doesn’t just affect the caregivers – it reduces the quality of care for every resident. Shift overlap will be eliminated and caregivers will also no longer be able to provide the next shift with valuable updates on resident medical conditions. Unsafe staffing levels aren’t just dangerous for the staff, they lead to an increase in accidents and other preventable conditions like lower fluid intake, UTIs, and skin breakdowns. The workers at these homes desire to provide the best possible care for the residents but are struggling due to under-staffing and high staff turnover.

“As a restorative aide, I work with residents daily as part of their therapy and exercise regime. If management’s proposal goes through, we won’t have the time and resources to provide residents with their medically recommended exercise time.” – Margaret, CNA

“With Kindred’s proposal, our one-on-one time with residents will be significantly reduced. Previously we had fifteen minutes per resident to get them dressed and ready in the morning, now we’ll only have seven minutes per resident. Quality care really suffers, and residents can’t get the personal they deserve.” – Vicki,  CNA

“As a third shift CNA, we are already experiencing the effects of low staffing levels. To complete our duties, we have to get some residents up as early as 4:30 AM. If this proposal goes through, we will have to get our residents up starting at 3:00 AM in order to complete all work.” – Mary, CNA

Sign the online petition to tell Kindred Nursing Homes to put quality resident care before corporate profits!

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