Affordable Care Act Turns 2: Call to Action For Nurses!

Nurses see it every day in their care settings—patients who have delayed treatment, who don’t know how to access care or whose lives are shorter and sicker because they don’t have healthcare. For the 99%, access to quality, affordable healthcare is a matter of life and death. The 1% live almost 5 years longer than the 99%, and extremists are doubling down to make sure that trend continues through their efforts to eliminate the President’s Affordable Care Act and their drastic proposals to cut healthcare funding, including state budgets, Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

March 23rd marks the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act becoming law. The working women and men of SEIU fought for more than a decade to achieve more affordable, secure healthcare and better health for our patients, our communities, our colleagues, our families and ourselves.  As the most trusted voice in healthcare, SEIU nurse were critical to the passage of the law.

SEIU Nurses have been invited to purple up and bring their scrubs to participate in several fun and important days of action over March 26-28. Here are some highlights:


Monday, March 26

Healthcare Provider Turnout Day, 8:00-Noon

Provider Press Conference, 8:30am

Tuesday, March 27

SEIU Turnout Day, 8:00-Noon

“The People’s Stories” Press Conference, 8:30am

Wednesday, March 28

Medicaid Supporter Turnout Day, 8:00-Noon

Why Medicaid Matters Press Conference, 8:30am


United States Supreme Court

1 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20543


SEIU members, leaders and staff will purple up and be joined by progressive allies from around the country to stand up for the Affordable Care Act.
If you or some of your nurse colleagues would like to be a part of any or all of these days of activity, please contact Dian Palmer.

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