Nurse Alliance Roundup 12/12/11

When more than 400 nurses traveled to Washington, DC and joined in our “Code Blue” advocacy day and action last month, we helped protect quality healthcare for our patients through the power of our voices and our profession.

While we all know that what America needs right now is more good jobs, not more healthcare cuts, leaders in Washington were focused on one thing – cutting the essential healthcare services that seniors, people with disabilities and children depend upon. And cutting healthcare jobs. Thanks to you, Medicaid and Medicare were spared even deeper, more devastating cuts under the “super-committee” process.
Together, you and your fellow nurses took a stand, and reminded members of Congress and working Americans just what was at stake.  And you made the difference.  Our country’s healthcare system has been spared what would have been the worst cuts in history.
We still have a real fight ahead to ensure affordable, quality healthcare for everyone in America, but this moment marks a tremendous step in the right direction.
On behalf of the Nurse Alliance Executive Committee, we offer our deepest thanks and appreciation for your commitment to your patients and to nursing.
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