Recall Walker Campaign Launches 11/15

The recall effort against Governor Walker will launch on November 15, 2011.

SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin is joining United Wisconsin and other grassroots organizations in their efforts to recall Governor Scott Walker. We will have 60 days to collect at least 540,208 signatures.  If successful, this would produce a recall election in April or May of 2012.
This campaign is our best chance at reversing the course, and taking back our rights and our state. SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin will be encouraging members to volunteer for the effort; take the online pledge to recall Governor Walker now.
Governor Walker was dishonest with the people of Wisconsin – never mentioning eradicating collective bargaining rights once during his campaign.  His actions have been nothing short of politicking, dividing our state and working to eradicate fifty-years of labor peace.
“In his short tenure in office, Governor Walker has promoted a radical agenda that puts the interests of working Wisconsinites dead last. His policies add to the real cause of our revenue problem —the global economic crisis caused by Wall Street and the failure of corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share. Walker has forced public employees and the middle class to bear the entire burden while handing out millions in corporate tax cuts, ” said Dian Palmer, president of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin. “In Wisconsin, we all share in the state’s failures and successes. We hope that this recall effort will produce a leader that will work with all parties in order to get Wisconsin working again.”
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